The Little Book of Big Babes

Edited by Rachelle Abellar, Foreword by Jill Andrew 

Representation is a powerful thing. It can help shape who we are, who we aspire to be, and how we view the world around us. It can also give us a stronger sense of self and affirmation of identity. Though fat bodies are finally starting to find their way into mainstream media, we must continue to strive for more diversity and positive representation. Over 150 fatties from around the world contributed to "The Little Book of Big Babes" in an effort to provide a more diverse picture of fatness and fatshion. It is our hope that this book will inspire others, break down fat stereotypes, and change negative attitudes toward fat people.

Get this book not just because it’s an indie project but because this kind of fat visibility is something we need to support and see more of. Representation matters ... This book is radical. This book is a game-changer and I’m proud as hell to be a part of it and this community.
— Alysse Dalessandro of Ready to Stare
This book is FULL of babes and every single person in this book is so unique in their style ... This book is not to be missed. I plan on taking mine when I travel now and I’ll get each babe I meet that is within its pages to sign it for me!
— Margot Meanie
‘The Little Book of Big Babes’ is an amazing compilation of beautiful fat babes showing off their amazing style. I couldn’t be more proud to be included in this anthology among so many other amazing babes, including people I have followed online for years and new folks that are inspiring me with their fat bodies and their rad clothes!
— Jen Venegas of Skinned Knees
I am honored to share space with other lovelies that came together from around the world. I can only IMAGINE what impact such a book would have made for that little chubby teen that I was many decades ago….
— MizLiz BBWGeneration


Rachelle Abellar is a designer, fat activist, and body love advocate. She is the founder of PNW Fattitude, a group that hosts events for people of size in an effort to foster a fat positive community in the Pacific Northwest.

Rachelle is best known for the “Self Care Journal” and the “Self Care Zine” series. Her most recent release is “The Little Book of Big Babes,” a collection of photos documenting fat fashion all over the world.

When she’s not busy making zines, Rachelle spends a lot of time thinking about the intersection of fatness and fandom and drinking bubble tea. She lives in Seattle with her cat, Bijou.

Rachelle can be reached at


Here are some high resolution media images available for download: