When your submission is accepted, Archive Six will send you a consignment form to fill out. Once we receive the form back, we can start selling your zine or book in our distro! Please note that we will not accept more than 10 copies per title.

Zines or books on consignment will be sold through Archive Six’s online store and at zine/small press shows and local events.

Payments will be sent out quarterly. We will pay the publisher 60% of the cover price per copy sold. We also offer distro credit as payment.

At the end of each quarter, the publisher has the option to renew consignment, have their copies returned, or donate remaining copies to Archive Six. Please note that the publisher is responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning unsold copies of their zine or book.

If the publisher fails to check in after 90 days of having zines or books in consignment, Archive Six reserves the right to assume ownership.

If your zine or book sells out a few times, Archive Six is open to paying you upfront to restock.

The publisher consents to Archive Six using images and/or quotes from consigned zines and books for promotional purposes and to be displayed on the website.

Archive Six reserves the right to change consignment terms at any time.

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