We're Back!

After a long hiatus, Archive Six is finally back! And I’m doing things a little differently around here. Have a quick browse through the new site and you’ll notice that the online shop is nowhere to be found. That’s because I’ve decided to stop taking online orders indefinitely.

Without getting into it too much, the end of 2018 was very chaotic for me and I desperately needed to find a healthier balance between my day job, my personal life, and this distro. What was originally going to be a month-long break turned into a 6-month hiatus. I spent that time reevaluating what I wanted out of this distro, and what I was realistically capable of. A6 takes up a significant amount of my life but I absolutely did not want to shut it down. I want to continue creating content, vending at shows, and publishing the important work of marginalized creators, but in order to do all that and keep my sanity and health, something had to go.

First of all, I think it’s important to note that I make most of my sales in-person at fests and pop-ups. Secondly, the cost of having an online store was exceeding the profit I was making on a monthly basis. (To be fully transparent, I averaged ~4 online orders a month.) And thirdly, last year I moved into a smaller apartment where I don’t have anywhere to store inventory, and a neighborhood where the post office isn’t as accessible to me as it used to be. Maintaining an online store just wasn’t something I could manage anymore, nor did it seem worth it.

That said, I will still continue to take bulk orders for resale, subscription boxes, mental health providers, and the like. You’ll just need to contact me directly at archivesixdistro@gmail.com so we can make arrangements.

I will be keeping this website online to serve as an online catalog. I also want to use this website as a hub for all the ongoing projects I am working on, as well as a place where I can start to offer publishing, consultation, and other small press services. Baby steps!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me during this entire ordeal. Y’all the real ones, and I am eternally grateful for your support. I’m excited to be back and even more excited to finally be creating new content in 2019. Let’s do this!