Archive Six is a small press and zine distributor based in Seattle. It was originally set up to distribute personal work but eventually expanded to include work centered around important topics like art, social justice, feminism, WOC, intersectionality, fat activism, and survival.

The distro is run by Rachelle Abellar, a graphic designer, fat activist, self care advocate, and cat lover. She works at a local newspaper by day and rocks a long reach stapler by night.

Archive Six is a reference to an episode of Doctor Who titled, "Bad Wolf." The Game Station (formerly known as Satellite Five) is a space station in Earth's orbit circa the year 200,100, and Archive Six is where records were kept referring to contestants being transmatted into game areas. A female programmer heads to Archive Six to discover more about the Ninth Doctor but the Controller forbids it, stating that "Archive Six is out of bounds."

The distro was named Archive Six because the literature and merch carried explores, critiques, and celebrates topics that are considered "out of bounds" when it comes to mainstream media. Also, Rachelle is a huge nerdy Whovian with a shitty Seal of Rassilon tattoo.